Friday, April 15, 2016

Stylish Dice Bag

Here's my promised new dice bag (to replace my old one, which was about the size of a change purse and never meant to be anything permanent), 90% complete.

It's a bag with separated pockets, so for those with larger collections, you don't have to sift through all your gems for the shiny one you want. Because you know it's going to be at the bottom, especially if it's a pitiful d4.

In the top left image, you can see a work-in-progress shot with all the pockets laid out with dice showing the number that each pocket is intended to hold (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20/24); be sure to look at the numbers, not the dice themselves, because my collection is a few pieces short, and I don't have all of those designations. Yet.

For larger die, well, that's why I sewed it in a circle. Right now, my largest is a d60, and it and larger dice should fit just fine down the middle, as well as any character sheets, pencils, dice cups (also on my list to get), or other tools you see fit to carry with you.

It came out taller than I really need, and I probably could have cut it shorter, since I don't really expect to have my collection grow that much, that quickly.

The multi-pocket design was inspired by this Kickstarter project I stumbled across, and while he's got a good idea, the bag seems a little too bulky, a little too complicated, and way too many parts and stitches, and places where things could go wrong (and also a lot more expensive). My design is a lot simpler, and I built it patternless and from larger pieces of scraps in my fabric bin; took about 6 hours.

I still have to do the drawstring-cinch at the top, but I'm using a special fabric for that, one that I have to hand-sew because my Singer just chews it right up, and I don't have much of it left (and don't know where to get more).

I'll post an update when it's done, hopefully in a few days.

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