Monday, June 1, 2015

Pocket Knife Holster v2

Back in February, I made the first version, which, while quite functional and thematically colored, was hardly my best workmanship.

So this afternoon, I made a better one, that's much more reflective of my workmanship quality.

Like the first one, it is made from scraps, but these scraps are from a pair of khaki pants-converted-into-shorts instead of past sewing projects. Unlike the first one, I didn't leave the belt attachment for the last step.

In the last image, you can see a simple wallet made from the same cloth. I'm intending on going into the city around the end of the month, and I like carrying some backup cash securely on my person, in the event of an emergency; forgive me if I don't share precisely where I'll be carrying it.

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