Tuesday, April 28, 2015

BHE Neverfall Part 1

A commission for a patterned fabric neverfall is a rare occurance, but I'll do them. The great problem is that it's hard "using up" the rest of the fabric, because sold colors are so much easier to match with other projects.

In this case, the 'hawk itself is also to be patterned, though, since I refused to purchase patterned yarn (that fades between the two chosen colors, I have to create the "randomness" manually. So instead of striving for a layout of colors that has some semblance to randomness, I've decided to plant an "easter egg;" the hat looks random, but through an ASCII-to-binary converter, I've encoded a message.

Thus, I present the BHE: Binary Hawk Experiment

I would consider offering this sort of thing for future customers, but the increased level of detail would mean I'd have to add a surcharge on it, but for a "easter egg" that you have to decode to get the gist of seems like something few would pay for. If you disagree, feel free to tell me differently. Besides which, it reduces the width of my mohawks by 2 strands/4 hairs, making them 8 bits wide instead of 10.

I could certainly encode much smaller messages in bit-mapped plaintext that would be far more obvious and easier to read, but the messages would be much more severely limited in length--not more than one letter for each 2-inch square.

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