Saturday, November 1, 2014

Past Projects - Third Cosplay

My third ever cosplay was the first of mine that was more crafting than mere assemblage and it was my Archer/Rogue blend from Ragnarok Online.

He had a small longbow (wood, precurved instead of actually tension-bent, with airline cord for string), a pair of small daggers (wood, painted), quiver (to hold the two halves of the box that were each separated just under the max accessory length for the convention, cardboard covered with cloth), and an outfit to go with it.

I'll admit that the pants, coat, and undershirt were assembled rather than crafted, but they had been edited, faux fur stitched on (by hand, as ever). The outfit also had a partial skirt that billowed out behind as I walked, but had no front, which was a lesson learned from my previous costume.

I performed much of the stitching, though was cautiously overseen by my muggle mother, while my father did a significant of the woodworking (definitely not my strong point).

I wore the outfit to that year's Anime Central convention, for the second of the three years that I would attend.

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