Saturday, September 6, 2014

First Project - TJA Robe, Update #1

Welcome to the DreamC Network and DreamCraftier. While I have done my fair share of sewing and crafts, this post is going to mark the start of the first project made with live (ish) documentation on DreamCraftier. (I only say "ish" because I'm involved in a lot of other projects--though no other crafting projects at this time--and they all compete for space, as well as my day job, which pays for my ability to do these projects.)

This project is going to be remarkably unique among my normal crafting projects in that I am using patterns that were not designed by myself. That is to say, in the past I have reverse-engineered most of my other designs, except for the ones I birthed fully formed from the depths of my imagination.

This first project is a robe, and from the plans available through their website, I have only just drawn out (on jumbo-sized sheets of paper) my own measurements as calculated by their pictures.

I intend to make the first one of light wool and neutral brown, and if all goes well, I will likely be making an off-white version and a black version. The off-white will be intended as formal-wear; the black will not be intended for Sith-cosplay, but rather for my own, standard black-orange themed outfits. Also, if the brown goes well, I will likely be looking into attempting the other garments as well, though I doubt I will be assembling laser-swords.

Wish me luck!

All updates for this project can be found here.

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